Original Art  Sherwood, Oregon.

I enjoy creating Trees, Each is so individual. I love the beauty of trees, and because of that they are easy for me to paint.

Q.How long did it take you to paint this painting?


To be honest, I stopped counting a few years back when I realized I had sold my hundredth painting.. I am happy they are bringing joy to their owners. The more I sell, the more I paint new ones. It is always validating when someone connects with a painting and feels compelled to own it. That is the person it was created for.

Q.How many paintings have you sold to date? 


This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. For most paintings I do not clock the time it takes . The time varies with each painting. All of them take as little as a few days to as much as a few months.

Ever since I was a kid I have liked making things, sewing, arts and crafts, crocheting, etc.. In a bible study group at church I requested prayer for what God wanted me to do with my life. One of the ladies in that group was a professional artist. I became curious as to how she made her art. I asked her if I could visit her studio It was not until a year or so later I got to sit in her studio painting as she painted across the room. She would look over my shoulder and suggest things to help my painting, but left me to my own devices as I learned to paint. One of the times she suggested I add a barn to the painting. I said "I don't do barns". She suggested "try". Low and behold I painted a barn. That day I learned not to say "I can't". The finished painting went to my Grandma in California. I learned she was sick and the painting ended up hanging over her bed in Hospice. To my surprise my cousins thought I had done really well creating the Barn painting.

At my Grandma's memorial I learned she had always wanted to paint, but never knew where to begin. When I came back from her service and sat there watching my husband set off fireworks , I looked up and said "O.K. God if you want me to paint, I will be a painter". This was 2004. I painted with my friend Teri for a few more months. I sold my first painting in 2005. I have been painting ever since. 

Q. What is your favorite subject to paint?


I teach painting because I am confident I will be able to overcome the obstacles students have to creating fine art. I am confident I will be able to teach the techniques I have learned over the years to anyone who has the desire to paint. I can help them move forward when they feel stuck. I enjoy the positive feed back when students learn a new technique they did not realize was so simple.

Q. Why did you become an art teacher?


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Q. How did you begin painting?


D. K. Boljat