Artists are visual, so why wouldn't they store their brushes where they can see them? Boljat's Art Buddy  is a visual artist's brush organizer and holder invented by artist Darla Kay Boljat. Patent Pending, each brush holder is individually hand manufactured and because of this each one is its own unique work of art. Brushes can be stored right after cleaning them while they are still damp because of the many strategically placed ventilation holes. This size is great for teachers as well as individual artists because of its capacity to hold most styles and sizes of brushes. If you are interested in more information or would like to purchase a Boljat's Art Buddy brush holder please email D. K. Boljat. Each 14" x 6" Boljat's Art Buddy is currently only $60.00. *plus whatever it costs to ship to you (*Shipping in the US only). Supply is limited, so please email today! Brushes not included.

Clearly Organized Brushes ready to go with you!

D. K. Boljat                                    

Original Art  Sherwood, Oregon.