D. K. Boljat                                    

Original Art  Gallery,   Art Teacher, Sherwood, Oregon 

During D. K. Boljat's painting Camps students learn many painting techniques while creating their very own masterpiece. We all paint the reference photo together step by step. Students learn how to mix acrylic paint colors, as well as which brush(es) to use. They also learn how to clean those brushes. Past painting camps were held at D. K. Boljat's Home Studio but starting in 2016 painting camps are held at the Sherwood Center for the Arts.  

The next painting camp is July 22 - 26 2019 from at the Sherwood Center for the Arts,  If you would like to sign up you, your mom or dad, your son or daughter please contact the Sherwood Center for the Arts any other questions regarding the camp please email darla@dkboljat.com or call 503-724-0770. 

6th Annual Art Camp


7th Annual Art Camp


Annual D.K. Boljat Painting Camp


Held each summer since 2006, the Annual D.K. Boljat Painting Camp has been teaching students advanced painting techniques with the goal of completing a painting in one week.